Consent Isn't Just Sexy

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Consent isn't just sexy

We talk about consent mostly when we're talking about sex, but if you're into care and balance or equality in relationships consent is critical well beyond sex. 

Too many couples I work with run on auto-pilot. They miss opportunities to check in, learn, and grow together all the time- practicing consent changes this up. 

Consent is not the same as permission. Typically, we define “consent” as the act of communicating to someone that it is okay for them to interact with us in a particular way. 

Instead try thinking of consent as a felt sense, an understanding that we're both making a conscious choice to participate in the relationship in specific ways.

Fuck yeah I want you

What if throughout the day you were giving enthusiastic consent in your partnership, "fuck yeah I want to eat breakfast and I want to do it with you." 

And if you got enthusiastic heartfelt consent from your partner, "I SO want to go for a walk and hold hands with you."- how would that feel? 

Check it out:

How might your relationship shift if you asked for consent when interacting with your partner throughout the day?

How might your life shift if you oriented only toward the 'fuck yeah' choices you make each day?

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