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Five Sex Education Podcasts Worth a Listen

Five Sex Education Podcasts | Uncommon Love Polyamory Counseling in Portland

As a lifelong student- but not an avid reader, I love listening to podcasts to learn new information while I drive or exercise.  

If you learn like me and want to get some new information on sexuality check out the podcasts below to increase your knowledge (and ease your commute).  

Everything About Your Vagina

If you are being sexual with a vagina it is critical you know what you are working with.  This podcast works it's way through every possible question or concern you could ever have about the big V but takes a very clinical approach that can feel a little like listening to your doctor talk about sex (although the host is definitely cooler than your doctor).  

Savage Love

Although Dan Savage often is criticised for transphobia and misogyny, this remains one of the nations best-known sex education podcasts.  His podcasts often get political and are always full of snark.  Check it out to hear actual callers ask questions that may be similar to your own.

The People of Kink

Real stories of real kink by a couple in Canada.  If you have wondered about the lives of sex-positive folks ,this is the podcast for you.  Check it out!

Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino

Sex positive radio embracing sexuality "from every angle" including BDSM and non-monogamy, Tristan Taormino is one of the most respected leaders in sexual education.  She will walk you through technicalities of specific sexual acts, identities, and relationship conflicts.  

The Heart

Stories about intimacy, vulnerability, sexuality and relationships.  This podcast has a feel like This American Life- weaving together beautiful thought-provoking stories with grace and beauty.  If storytelling is for you, this is the podcast to choose.


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