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Warm Up Your Communication

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Compassion in Relationships

If you're looking for an easy way to improve your relationship one simple intention can make a huge difference.

Try to enter each interaction with warmth with your sweetie. Check resentment and crankiness, business, and distraction at the door.

We often start out with intentional, meaningful, fully-present communication in relationships.  We really listen, and we start each interaction with so much warmth and kindness.  But most of us get a little lazy with communication over time in long-term relationships.

Change the Conversation

Simply refocusing on warmth at the start of each conversation or interaction dramatically shifts interactions to more positive places.  Even in conflict, acting from kindness transforms the nature of the conflict- and makes it much more productive.

Try warmth instead and see what happens.

If you want more help improving communication in your relationship you might want to try Compassionate Communication (also called Nonviolent Communication).  

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