facts about nonmonogamy

Tips for Navigating Open Relationships

Navigating Open Relationships

There are many aspects of being in a non-monogamous, poly, or open relationship that are similar to those of a monogamous relationship.  There are also some notable differences.  I’m going to cover a couple of the unique challenges to give an example of how some relationships cope.

Explore Language

When your relationships fall outside of the mainstream vision of what they can look like it is important to think carefully about the words you use for yourself and others when you talk about your relationships.  This means being able to name and describe your relationships.  You can use the terms that are in general circulation or make up your own!  Arrive at an agreement with your partners that works for everyone.  It doesn’t need to be permanent or perfect, just take the time to learn the way to talk about your relationships that feels meaningful and congruent.