Hear Me Out: Interviews I've Done on Sex-Positive Couples Work

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I love doing interviews to talk about non-monogamy and polyamory.  So many people are curious and very few have good info on non-traditional relationship structures.

If you'ew interested in interviewing me for your podcast contact my assistant at to set it up.

Click on any of the podcasts below to give a listen!

Listen to me on the Sex Gets Real Podcast

Listen to me on the Portland Cool Podcast

Listen to me on the Couples Expert Podcast


If you want to hear more from me set up a consultation or submit your question to my Ask Me Anything column.

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Gina Senarighi, MS, MA, CPC is a sex educator and relationship coach specializing in polyamory, open relationships, jealousy, LGBTQ issues, and infidelity.  

She can help you:

  • rediscover passion in long-term relationships
  • repair trust after infidelity or dishonesty
  • move past jealousy, insecurity or codependent patterns
  • open your relationship or practice polyamory with care
  • resolve sexual dysfunction and disconnect
  • break unhealthy communication patterns in your relationship

Contact her for a free consultation to see if working with her is right for you.

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