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25 Things to do When Your Partner Goes on a Date

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Even the most secure folks sometimes have trouble when opening a relationship goes from philosophy to practice.  And the first times your honey is out with someone other than you can be particularly challenging if you've only experienced monogamy before.  

Its totally common for me to hear from folks who say they've been fine all along and suddenly when the house is empty- or their partner isn't available by phone insecurity, jealousy and anxiety swoop in for an unplanned visit.  

If you haven't thought ahead it's really easy to get swept away in an anxious surprise.  So I often urge clients to think up a self-care action plan before that trifecta of emotion comes knocking.  Here are some of the ideas my clients have come up with:

  1. Take a colleague to dinner
  2. Call/Skype/Facetime that far away friend you haven't spoken with in a while
  3. Got to the spa
  4. Take a run/hike/jog/walk/roll
  5. Go to therapy
  6. Find an art gallery you haven't visited (or return to your favorite one)
  7. Take yourself to the movies
  8. Plan a date with your sweetie in the future
  9. Yoga
  10. Go to a concert
  11. Wander through Powells (or whatever your favorite bookstore is)
  12. Plan your own date
  13. Find a meditation space near you and join others for meditation
  14. Go to happy hour
  15. Try that class at the gym you've always been curious about
  16. Host a dinner party
  17. Travel to see that friend all the way across town you never get over to see
  18. Take a long bike ride
  19. Eat something you normally wouldn't with your sweetie
  20. Enroll in that class you're curious about and see it through
  21. Find somewhere to dance it out
  22. Plan a big trip you've been dreaming about
  23. Find a poetry reading to attend
  24. Play with your pets
  25. Slow-cook yourself something special

If you want more ideas about structures that support healthy open relationships give me a call- I'm happy to help you create a tailored plan for success.

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  • open your relationship & practice polyamory with integrity

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Gina Senarighi, MS, MA, CPC is a communication consultant, sexuality counselor and certified relationship coach specializing in polyamory, open relationships, jealousy, and infidelity.