You Asked, I Answered: About Being a Sex-Positive Provider

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I get asked a lot of great questions about my work.  Here's a short list of the most commonly asked questions about being a sex-positive provider supporting couples and individual clients in changing their relationships for the better.  

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sex positive portland therapist for sexuality

What is a sex-positive provider?

One of the best questions I get from new clients is about my listing as a sex-positive professional, or a kink-aware provider.  

Not all my clients engage in sex-positive community, but for some of my clients it is especially important to know I have eight years of expertise in working with clients from BDSM, fetish, and other kink scenes.  

This is important because there are a lot of well-intended professionals who will tell you they are sex-positive, but just having a sex-positive philosophy isn't enough- if you work with me you have someone with the philosophy, the skills, and the knowledge.

What if we're new to BDSM, kink, and/or don't know where to begin?

I work with a lot of clients who are just beginning to get creative and explore their sexuality.  Some of them just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey, and others have held secret fantasies for years and are just now opening up to their partner.  

I'll meet with you to help you determine an integrity-based path that supports your physical and emotional health as well as your desires.  I can also refer you to a wide range of specific organizations, clubs, groups, teachers, and events in the Portland area to help grow your learning and your community in a way that feels as safe as possible for you.

What if only one of us is kinky?

Many couples choose to work with me when one partner is interested in kink and the other is not.  Let me help you figure out a path that is right for both of you.  

It can be helpful to work with a knowledgeable and non-judgmental professional to discuss and negotiate new sexual territory.

Are you kinky?

I think most people have some creative desires but I won't share my own sexual desires or activities with you because the focus of our work is on you- not me.

Will you demonstrate X act with/on/for us?

I don't do any hands-on work with clients.  But I know plenty of knowledgable professionals who do and I'm happy to refer you.

Do you work with vanilla couples too?

Absolutely!  Even clients who follow more mainstream or traditional sexual and sensual practices often find comfort knowing this is a specialty of mine.  

These clients love working with me because I apply the same open non-judgmental approach to my work with all couples- no matter how kinky.  

Do you coach sex-workers?

Yup.  If you want to know more about how I can support you in maintaining your work/life balance schedule a consultation so we can chat.

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Gina Senarighi, MS, MA, CPC is a communication consultant, sexuality counselor and certified relationship coach specializing in polyamory, open relationships, jealousy, and infidelity.  

She can help you:

  • rediscover passion in long-term relationships
  • repair trust after infidelity or dishonesty
  • move past jealousy, insecurity or codependent patterns
  • open your relationship or practice polyamory with care
  • resolve sexual dysfunction and disconnect
  • break unhealthy communication patterns in your relationship

Contact her for a free consultation to see if working with her is right for you.

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