Nonviolent Communication Needs: Peace

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The best way I can think to honor veterans is to observe peace.  I have worked with many vets as a therapist in the last few years, and the lessons they've shared all center on peace.  

Veteran or not, we all need and deserve peace.  We crave quiet, stillness, ease and balance.  We need peace.  

In a world constantly pushing for competition, comparison, hustle, busy, and distraction- peace is something many of us are looking for.  

How can you focus on peace today?  

How can you bring more stillness into your world?  

When I shift my focus from the unmet needs in my life to the spaces where they are already met I am always surprised.  I can go weeks searching for peace in specific ways, all the while missing the tiny spaces of quiet all around me.  

I'm so attached to a peace in a certain form, I miss the chance to experience when it appears.  Truthfully, it is usually closer than I realize- often stuck in spaces between more anxious wanderings.  

When I spend a little time being more present in the peace already around me I stop longing for it so much in other arenas.  And I appreciate the small spaces so much more.

Focus on peace today, it may be closer than you think.

Warm Up Your Communication

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Compassion in Relationships

If you're looking for an easy way to improve your relationship one simple intention can make a huge difference.

Try to enter each interaction with warmth with your sweetie. Check resentment and crankiness, business, and distraction at the door.

We often start out with intentional, meaningful, fully-present communication in relationships.  We really listen, and we start each interaction with so much warmth and kindness.  But most of us get a little lazy with communication over time in long-term relationships.

Change the Conversation

Simply refocusing on warmth at the start of each conversation or interaction dramatically shifts interactions to more positive places.  Even in conflict, acting from kindness transforms the nature of the conflict- and makes it much more productive.

Try warmth instead and see what happens.

If you want more help improving communication in your relationship you might want to try Compassionate Communication (also called Nonviolent Communication).  

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