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One of the most challenging things about considering polyamory is the difficulty we face finding good resources to support our relationship.  Here are some of the best resources I've found online.  

Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships  

This is the website based on the book by Tristan Taormino The book offers a solid look into many diverse ways of creating loving, lasting relationships. It draws on hundreds of interviews to explore the real-life benefits and challenges of all styles of open relationships. 

The website also offers tips on dealing with jealousy, negotiating boundaries, finding community, parenting and time management.  There are lots of free worksheet downloads and reflection tools.  This is my #1 reference for newly opening couples.

More than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory

Is another of my go-to recommended books for newly opening relationships.  Written by Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux, the reading walks you through lots of rich examples of holding lots of love in our hearts and practicing ethical polyamory. 

The website is also full of personal narratives that can be really helpful when you're deciding what's the best next step for you and your relationships.

Polyamory FAQ from More Than Two 

Contains a beginner’s guide to polyamory, resources for monogamous people in non-monogamous relationships, and references to web and print resources.


Polyamory on Purpose

An online practical guide to polyamory with tips on all the day-to-day needs of poly relationships.

Loving More

Loving More, is a nonprofit organization which publishing Loving More magazine and sponsoring annual conferences on the subject of polyamory. There are lots of great resources written by peers in the polyamorous community here.

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Polyamory Vocab Lessons: Swinging

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Dear readers, 

I work with so many couples who are considering open relationships and so many of you have asked for some basic facts in polyamory, nonmonogamy and open relationships.  

I decided to start breaking down some of the most commonly used terms in the wide field of nonmonogamy.

Of course, every individual and relationship is different, so it is important to get clear with people about what they mean by these terms (especially if you're considering an intimate relationship with them).  

You could ask any of the following questions:

"Lots of people use that term, what does it mean in your relationships?"

"I know that can actually mean a lot of things, wow does {term} actually play out in your life?"

These conversations will also help you get clear about what to call your own relationship.  

I'll keep adding more terms over time so check back time to time to learn more.  

This week's focus: Swinging

As we know, non-monogamy is an umbrella term that includes lots of different kinds of relationships.  Swinging or swingers are one of the possibilities that falls under the umbrella of nonmonogamy.  

Some basic general information on swinging:

Swingers are most often heterosexual or straight couples who engage in sex with people outside their partnership.

Bisexuality is more welcome in the cisgender female members of the community, and transgender, gay, lesbian, queer identified individuals don't often choose this identity or community space.  Many people with these identities have said they don't feel welcome in swinger spaces.

More often than not, swingers are a part of a community who gathers at parties to connect with other couples for sex (at the party or at home).  The community is often a friendly network of people generally with much flirtation, lightheartedness, and play.

Consent for penetrative sex is an espoused value in the swinger community, but is often less formal than in BDSM, kink, or other sex-positive spaces.  It is not unusual to have friendly touch or attention without invitation or negotiated consent.

Some swingers do not participate in swinging parties at all.  They might date other couples they meet online, or attend swinger parties in an asexual context.

Many of swingers individuals and couples court and date other couples or individuals together or separately in addition to or separate from community gatherings.  

Swinging Resources:

The longest running site for swinger dating, clubs, and events. Visit this site for information and locations of swinging events.

This site started as an event for swingers to recognize their unique community once each year- and has spread to an international phenomenon.

This site has a blog with some good information on it.  You can also connect with other couples to chat.

My favorite resource for all my nonmonogamous couples.  This site covers the full range of possibilities in open relationships (including swinging).

 For couples considering more romantic or emotional connections with partners, More Than Two is my go-to resource to find balance and maintain connection while incorporating other people into the relationship.  

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