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Gay Therapy for Straight Couples?

gay therapy for straight couples | Uncommon Love LGBTQ Counseling in Portland

One of the most common questions I get asked by prospective couples counseling clients is if I work with straight people at all.  This makes me smile for so many reasons.  

First of all, yes, of course I work with all kinds of couples.  Thank you for noticing I support all kinds of relationships (gay, lesbian, poly, or kinky).  I am glad my marketing is clear.  

Most of the straight couples I work with choose me because they too support all kinds of relationships and loving.  

Many of the couples counseling clients who choose to work with me identify as straight.  But truthfully, most of their heterosexual identity is more flexible or open than rigid.  And because many of their relationships are open or sex-positive their sexual expression and intimate connections are just so much more complex than gay or straight.  

I have seen male-identified (and socialized) clients who only have sex with one female-identified (and socialized) partner but occasionally play with other men.  

I see female identified clients who once dated women but now are monogamously married.  I see bisexual clients who are monogamous with partners.  

I see swingers who identify as straight but give and receive oral sex from people of two genders at parties.  

I see tops who dominate many different genders of bottoms, but only exchange fluids (are fluid bonded) with one partner (of a different gender).  

And I see male-identified (and socialized) clients who identify as straight and are monogamously married to female-identified (and socialized) clients.

The question makes me smile largely because the question makes me think of the beautiful diversity of sexual preferences, play styles, and gender identities within my client group.  

Not one of them can be easily defined by one simple term- straight or gay.  

No matter your gender or sexual identity, if you are looking for an LGBTQ affirming professional in Portland Oregon, give me a call for a free consultation to see if we're a fit to work together.

Gina Senarighi, MS, MA, CPC is a sex educator and relationship coach specializing in polyamory, open relationshipsjealousy, LGBTQ issues and infidelity.  

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