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40 Texts to Send Your Sweetheart

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Texting is such an easy way to show some you care.  It's easy to send sweet messages when you're just beginning a relationship.  When you're getting to know someone text flirting might seem easy.

But for most of us in long term commitments, texting loses its sweetness over time.  The longer you're together the more likely your texts become tasks lists, to-dos, and grocery store items.  

Getting the sweetness back is easy, and only takes a few seconds time commitment.  Just cut and paste one of these into your message each day (if they're true for you) and see how it impacts your relationship or use these as writing prompts to come up with your own.

Here are 40 texts to send your spouse or sweetheart.


  1. Of all the people in all the world, I’m honored to be the one who gets to do life with you.

  2. Today’s been a rough day, but thinking of you makes it so much better.

  3. I know I can be stubborn sometimes.  Thank you for your kindness even in difficult moments.

  4. You make my heart happy.

  5. I am so glad I get to come home to you.  Can’t wait to see you later today!

  6. I love you, no matter what.

  7. No matter how you feel about yourself today, remember this: There’s at least one person on this earth who knows how awesome you are.  Love you!

  8. What can I do to make your day easier? Let me know what to do- I want to help.

  9. Thanks for being patient with me.

  10. I admire your ability to _____________. That is so important to our family. Just wanted you to know that.

  11. In case I haven’t told you, you’ve helped me be a better person in this world.  I am ever grateful.

  12. I am just so glad you’re in my life.

  13. Remember when we started this life together? Even if we knew then what we know now…I’d do it all over again.

  14. Thanks for hearing me out.  I love that you really listen to me.

  15. If I could drop what I’m doing right now to be with you, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Love you!

  16. I love quality time with you.  When can I take you on a date? 

  17. Just wanted you to know that you are on my mind today.

  18. I’m your #1 fan.

  19. We have made some great memories together. I’m looking forward to making more.

  20. Even though I may not say it often enough, I really appreciate the ways you help with the house.  Thank you!

  21. If there were more people like you in this world, it would be a better place.

  22. Sweetheart, you inspire me to be a better version of myself.   

  23. I’m glad we are on the same team in life. J

  24. Words aren’t enough to tell you how wonderful you are.

  25. Is there anything I can do to support you today?  Let me know how I can help you out.

  26. Thanks for teaching me _____________.  I am grateful for all the learning I do with you.

  27. I’m looking forward to having some time alone with you soon. When are you free this week?

  28. You bring so much happiness into my life.

  29. You have really helped me grow by _________. Thank you.

  30. I was just thinking of you today and it made me smile.

  31. If you ever need a listening ear, I’m here for you.

  32. I believe in you.

  33. If you asked me again today, even after all we’ve been through, I’d still say, “I do!”

  34. I really love the ways you show affection. Thanks for ________.

  35. You are so good at __________.  Seriously- WOW.

  36. I’m still so glad we’re in this adventure together.

  37. Every day I love you more.

  38. I love seeing you happy.  Your smile warms my heart.

  39. We’ve weathered so many changes in our life together.  Thanks for sticking with me.

  40. I love you.


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Gina Senarighi, MS, MA, CPC is a sex educator and relationship coach specializing in polyamory, open relationshipsjealousy, LGBTQ issues and infidelity.  

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Smartphone Boundaries for Relationship Success

Phone Boundaries | Uncommon Love Poly Counseling in Portland

I found this short film on Facebook today and was saddened by how true this depiction of cell use has become in our society.  

It is so easy to distance ourselves from uncomfortable moments and our phones have become a barrier even in happy times (watch the happy birthday scene).

Smart phones are wonderful for so many reasons.  I admit I have fallen into the trap of disconnection from time to time and have watched many friends fall into smart phone addiction.  "This candy's not gonna crush itself" a friend of mine told me on vacation while driving through the National Bison Range in beautiful Big Sky Montana.

Yeah, that's right, beautiful nature vs Candy Crush and the sacred buffalo were losing out.

Even though playing games amid the beautiful scenery was a big distraction, the phone also was very useful in finding us a pharmacy when someone needed medication in the middle of nowhere a few hours later.

So how do we set clear boundaries on smartphone use so they aren't in the way at the wrong time?  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Don't text or talk while driving.

I know this has been said with regards to safety- and it is completely true.  BUT in addition to all the safety hazards, putting your phone away can actually decrease the stress you feel on that morning commute.  Seriously, it's not that far away and dates are already stressful without adding distraction.

If you need to use your phone for navigation set it for maps only and leave it in the car.  Nobody wants to date a stressball, or drive with one.

2.  Don't take your phone into nature.

When you set time to take a walk, hike, or go camping leave your phone behind.  Enjoy the scenery and tell campfire stories.  Turn down Candy Crush for games with your friends (or bison-filled views).  You really don't need a phone when walking the dog.  Enjoy the connections you can make  with your pets and with the land instead.

3.  Don't date your phone.

Here is the big one: when you are out put your phone away.  Don't leave it on the table, don't check it mid-conversation: be present with your date.  It is rude, and it creates disconnection in your communication and relationship.

If you are a big picture-taker or use your phone to take pictures designate one person as your photographer for the night and make sure you are all connected on social media.  This will help you stay connected and be more present with the group and your date!

4.  Sleep phone-free.

One of the best "rules" we made in our house this year was no phones in the bedroom.  We realized both of us were checking email right up until we turned the lights off and immediately after we woke up.  This left us feeling frazzled at bedtime and starting the day anxious.  

Set a no-phone space in your home and stick to it allows for greater presence and better sleep.

Of course smartphones are useful and helpful in hundreds of ways, using them within reason is great, but come up with guidelines so you can avoid the kind of distance in the film and be closely connected to those you love when you're on dates, parties or events.

What rules do you use to keep present and set aside your smartphone?  


Gina Senarighi, MS, MA, CPC is a sex educator and relationship coach specializing in polyamory, open relationshipsjealousy, LGBTQ issues and infidelity.  

She can help you:

Contact her for a free consultation to see if working with her is right for you.

Click here to download her free guides to strengthen your relationship (monogamous or not).