10 Things to Watch When You Need to Numb Out

What to Binge Watch When You Want to Numb Out | Uncommon LOve Counseling in Portland

I've been talking to clients all day who are feeling incredibly lost, scared, and saddened by the Orlando shooting last week.  

Many of them felt an overwhelming desire to stay in, wear their jammies, and binge watch Netflix.  And at the same time they felt shame about staying in or feeling intense emotions when they're so far away from the actual incident.  



Here's what I want you to know:

You have every right to feel intense emotions after an intense incident. 

You have every right to feel scared after seeing someone experience something scary. 

You have every right to feel shock and disbelief at something so completely disturbing.

You have every right to feel anger when witnessing such incredible injustice.

You have every right to feel your feelings.

Your suffering may not be the same as those more closely related to the victims at the Pulse, but your suffering is real and valid.  An attack on any one part of our LGBTQ community is an attack on all of us.

You are feeling powerful feelings because this event was like no other.

Your feelings, your empathy, comes from the deep sweet part of you most able to connect with others.  When we lose touch with our ability to empathize we lose power as a community.  

But being empathetically connected to others during a tragedy is heartbreaking.

You are allowed to practice self-care as you see fit during heartbreak.   If you need to take a social media break do it.  If you need to eat something gluten-y and cheesy and terrible for you for a sec that's okay.  Of course be mindful of the impact on your body, friendships, or job- but you get to take a day off for self-care if you need it.  

And if you need to numb out for a bit, go for it. Here are my favorite numb-out videos online.


TED Talks:


Something Beautiful:


Cute Animal Videos:


Baby Humans:


Documentaries (on Netflix):


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