I’ve supported hundreds of helping professionals and mental health therapists growing their practice, transitioning to coaching, and supporting non-traditional relationships over the last ten years.

Some of the things I can help with are:

  • learning appropriate treatment approaches to consensual non-monogamy

  • applying couples and marriage counseling theory to non-traditional partnerships

  • understanding polyamory, open relationships, kink, BDSM, and fetishism form a sex-positive standpoint

  • overcoming internal resistance with clients who have less traditional relationship frameworks

  • working through abuse or infidelity in sex-positive and/or open relationships

  • developing professional competency in polyamory, open relationships, and consensual non-monogamy

  • developing professional competency in BDSM, kink, and sex positive relationships

  • attracting great clients to fill your practice and grow a waitlist

  • creating an authentic marketing plan

  • balancing a full practice and a full life

  • developing strategic and simple social media presence

  • generating content for blogs, podcasts, and e-courses

  • publishing e-books and courses for additional income

  • maintaining an approachable yet professional online presence

  • transitioning from mental health professional to coach and consultant

I’m happy to support you as you support your clients. To book a consultation please use the link below.

Your presentation today blew my class away.
Not only do I think you helped them learn to better serve polyamorous clients in their future practices, but I think you challenged them to look at larger ethical implications in this work thoughtfully.
— Simone, Portland State University Professor, Counseling Psychology
I knew I wanted to focus on open relationships, polyamory, and BDSM/kink community when I opened my private practice, but I didn’t know how to begin.
Gina got me pointed in the right direction right away.
— Lillian, MFT in Denver, Colorado