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Annual Relationship Review: Ending the Year Strong as a Couple


Every year I lead a small group of couples through a review process to identify their strengths, celebrate successes, and clarify a vision for the coming year.

Join this month's call to walk through this joyous intention-setting process to deepen the connection between you and someone you love.

Here's what we'll cover:

1. Clarifying your strengths together and major accomplishments of the year.

2. Identifying what you want to learn from the year to grow together in a positive direction.

3. Skills to let go of the past and move forward with intention.

4. Creating a shared vision for a successful 2020 and an actionable plan to make it happen.

We'll end with a quick coaching session to answer your unique relationship questions.

When you register I'll send you an access code for my free relationship tool library, which includes eight specific tools and guides for healthy communication.

And you'll get a copy of my Annual Relationship Review guide to use at home!

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