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Join us for April's Relationship Master Class: Healthy Boundaries for Lasting Love

Do you put your own needs last?

Do you have trouble managing difficult relationships and drama?

Do you secretly wish people showed you more respect?

Do you have trouble knowing how much to share?

Then this class is just for you.

Our learning goals:

  • Saying no in a compassionate and respectful way

  • Setting up boundaries to build trust in partnerships

  • Ask for what you need

  • Pump the breaks when you need time to think

In this 60-minute class, I'll break down the basics on boundaries for successful compassionate relationships.

We'll cover the research on boundaries- but more importantly, we'll talk about how you apply it in your daily life.



A little about my relationship expertise...

I've been supporting couples and teams in creating connected meaningful relationships for nearly twenty years. In that time I've learned to apply the science of trust in my own life as well as within the thousands of relationships and clients I've supported.

Few of us are lucky enough to meet relationship role models along the way who can teach us how to foster trust, communicate openly, and repair from relationship traumas. I've become that mentor to people all around the globe, and I'm excited to share what I've learned with you.