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Healthy Holiday Love: Staying Connected All Season


The holiday season is filled with great fun- and great stress. Join this month's call to learn how to avoid letting the stress of the holiday hustle come between you.

Here's what we'll cover:

1. How to get clear about what you think, feel, and need from your partner and family members.

2. How to plan meaningfully connected holiday celebrations- together.

3. Ways to support each other and ask for what you need.

4. Staying passionately and intimately connected while navigating the holiday hustle.

5. How to navigate stress-induced holiday conflicts effectively.

We'll end with a quick coaching session to answer your specific questions about celebrating with intention, staying connected amid holiday hustle, and avoiding stress-induced conflict in your relationship this time of year!

When you register I'll send you an access code for my free relationship tool library, which includes eight specific tools and guides for healthy communication.

And you'll get a copy of my Healthy Holidays Guide for Couples to use at home!

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