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If you're wondering...

Is non-monogamy right for me (or us)?
How would we even start to open our relationship?
How do I know what I need to ask for? 
What if I get jealous when we start seeing other people?
How will we slow things down if they start getting out of hand?
What kinds of boundaries or expectations are realistic in open relationships?
How can we stay connected if we see other people?
What do we need to do to make sure this doesn't split us up?

... this is the right retreat for you.

Often thinking outside the box about relationships can be a little lonely. You might have great friends, but they're not always the most open-minded when we talk about changing the way we love.

And sometimes getting creative relationships can be overwhelming. Most of us aren't taught great relationship skills in the first place- let alone given the tools to tailor relationships to our unique needs and personal growth.

Rather than stay overwhelmed and isolated we gather together to build friendship, share tools, gain resources, reflect, grow, and laugh. Join us in October 2018.

Later Event: October 24
Trust & Open Relationships