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Progressive. Unique. Egalitarian. Open. Atheist. Feminist. Liberal. Non-monogamous. Kinky. Polyamorous. Creative.


Whatever terms you're using, I love love in all forms.


Maybe mainstream ideas about relationships aren't a fit for you.  

Maybe you've outgrown the patterns you set up when you first got together.  

Maybe the relationship models your parents gave you aren't what you want.  

Maybe you've realized most cultural relationship norms are actually pretty unhealthy.

You're ready to re-think the way you've done relationships in the past.

You want new connection and communication patterns that align with your values.

You're ready to cultivate the relationship of your dreams.


I can help you...

  • renew passion desire, arousal, and intimacy between you

  • move past jealousy, insecurity or codependency

  • resolve sexual disconnection and distance

  • break unhealthy communication patterns and develop sustainable healthy ones

  • figure out if consensual non-monogamy is right for you (and if so, what kind of boundaries you need to make it work)

There have been so many transformative shifts while working with you, Gina. Every session we go home with a deeper understanding and powerful tools. Our meetings have really been helpful.
— Rita & Johnna, Madison, WI

For ten years I've helped thousands of couples:

  • overcome desire fatigue and long-term relationship blahs.

  • repair trust after affairs and rebuild connected partnerships. 

  • tailor non-monogamy agreements to each of your unique desires.

  • learn skills to communicate with authenticity.

  • explore sexuality, deepen intimacy, and build lasting passionate bonds.

I help clients build long-lasting fulfilling relationships with integrity. 

Couples leave this work confident, connected, and ready to maintain long-term passionate partnerships.

Read more about my background, listen to my podcast, or schedule a consultation now to start a conversation about the love you want to have.

I’m walking away from our work feeling so much more confident in what I want in sex. And I knowing what I want and how to explore.”
— Erika, Madison, WI
I didn’t realize that this work would make me a better person beyond my primary partnership.
Thank you, Gina!
— Melissa, London, UK


Now I know I have to stay committed to the routines we talked about in sessions. I need to nourish a different side of me than just who I am at work to keep our sex life alive. If I feel different the relationship will feel different.
— Jon, Milwaukee, WI


Every month I host a free call to help folks build strong relationship skills. Join us:

I’m leaving our session understanding him so much better.
And I finally (after six years) feel understood.
— Clara & Sean, London, U.K.
I wish they taught sex this way in schools. Gina, you should tell everybody this stuff.
— James, Chicago, IL
sex therapy online | relationship coach | polyamory coach | open marriage therapist | open relationship definition | non-monogamy
“Our time with Gina is always well-spent. She really shifted my mindset and approach. I never thought couples therapy could be fun.”
— Ben & Jonathan, New York City
We started seeing Gina because we tried opening out relationship and it was a disaster. She saved our marriage.
— Courtney, Portland, OR
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sex therapy online | relationship coach | polyamory coach | open marriage therapist | open relationship definition | non-monogamy

Dr. Gina Senarighi, PhD, CPC is a certified relationship coach, retreat leader, speaker, and author specializing in human connection, intimacy, authenticity, shame-resilience, and alternative relationships. For over twelve years she has supported hundreds of clients creating fulfilling integrity-based relationships according to their own rules.

She earned her Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2010 from Saybrook University. She received her Bachelor degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin in 2002 and a Masters of Science in Education with a minor in Human Sexuality from Indiana University in 2004. In 2019 she completed her PhD in Spiritual Studies and Pastoral Counseling.

Gina was named Portland’s Best Life Coach in 2019 by Portland Business Recognition and has taught psychology courses, communication workshops, couples intimacy retreats, and guest lectured on alternative relationships and sex-positive therapy at universities across the US. Students love her no nonsense “real talk” presentation style.

Gina knows with better relationship and sex education we’d build a more compassionate, creative, confident, and fulfilled society.  She believes we are entitled to desire and we all need meaningfully connected relationships to thrive. She knows all relationships need a tune-up from time to time and has been praised by clients for her friendly non-judgmental approach to couples work. 

She understands first-hand the struggles non-traditional couples and “alternative relationships” face as they navigate the abundant joys and challenges that come with a less traveled path. Her clients span the globe and a full spectrum of relationship possibilities.

When she’s not teaching, coaching or consulting you can find her in her gorgeous urban garden, hiking Door County with her tiny dog, cooking lavish dinners, playing with her two sweet kids, or traveling the world with her partner, Rae.


Whether you’re facing communication issues, starting a project together, rethinking your future, or struggling with intimacy, I’m here to help you gain the tools you need to move forward with confidence.

I love love in all it's forms.  Non-traditional relationships have been my specialty for over a decade. There’s no judgment here.

I've been coaching couples all over the world leading retreats and guiding clients to deeper, more authentic connection with themselves and each other.  Most recently I’ve been supporting couples who are co-founders, creatives, and entrepreneurs with world-changing dreams create life balance and maintain connection amid busy lives.

I'm happy to help you love with intention.  Join my free monthly relationship masterclass, connect with me on social media or schedule a free consultation to learn more.