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Being a sex-positive provider & kink-knowledgeable professional...

There are very few practitioners with training and experience to help clients with unique sexual desires without shaming them.  

All too often I meet with clients who've been to see another professional and had a negative experience.  Even if you don't decide to work with me- please do shop around.  Ask your questions- any great supportive professional will be willing to talk with you.

To me, being kink-knowledgable means I have training and education in human sexuality that includes kink, fetish, power exchange, BDSM, and other less traditional life and relationship styles.  

Being a sex-positive provider means I don't have judgment about your sexuality no matter what your fantasy and I will support your exploration as long as it is based in consent.  

I didn’t know I needed to learn so much about relationships.
I always walk away [from sessions] seeing things from a new perspective.
— Dan & Megan, Buffalo, New York
Gina has a really good vibe. She’s very open, understanding and non-judgmental.
We’re a couple of real weirdos and she’s never batted an eye at our kinks.
— Caleb & Nina, Chicago, IL

I've supported clients who express many diverse interests including:

  • couples who met by arrangement

  • sex workers who began dating clients

  • threesomes

  • swingers

  • exhibitionists

  • pony play

  • furries

  • puppy play

  • leather community

  • daddies

  • age play

  • diaper play

  • doms and subs

  • 24/7 play

  • impact play

  • porn stars

  • voyeurs

  • role play

  • bondage

  • masochism

  • tops & bottoms

  • sensation play

  • and so many more interests than I can list here...



No matter your relationship structure, some of the same foundational issues can arise. I designed the courses below as a DIY way to work on your relationship in addition to coaching or in preparation. Click the images for more information.

I never really thought of myself as non-traditional, but here we are.
Gina helped me think outside the box without judgment or fear.”
— Andie & Hong, Eugene Oregon

Here are a couple episodes that may be of interest:



Sexual Confidence | Sexual Knowledge Worksheet | Confident Sex Life
Consent Workshet | Consent Handout | PDF for Consent Negotiation
BDSM Checklist PDF Worksheet for BDSM Conversation
“It feels like I got my best friend back.”
— Michaela & Brad, Portland, Oregon
“After seven years we stopped sleeping together and didn’t really know why. I know it seems so obvious, but Gina got us to talk about sex like, really talk about it with each other.
I know it sounds cheesy but now it’s like we have soul-sex.”
— Vanessa & Soren, Atlanta Georgia
sex positive counselor | sex counselor portland sex positive therapy | sex therapist portland | portland sex therapy

Sex-Positive Definition:

"The sex-positive movement is a social movement which promotes and embraces sexuality with few limits beyond an emphasis on safe sex and the importance of consent. Sex positivity is "an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation.

The sex-positive movement is a social and philosophical movement that advocates these attitudes. The sex-positive movement advocates sex education and safer sex as part of its campaign." The movement generally makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual activities, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference."  

- Definition from Wikipedia

sex positive counselor | sex counselor portland sex positive therapy | sex therapist portland | portland sex therapy

Kink-Aware Provider Definition:

"[Providers who] have specific knowledge of kink concepts and lifestyles, have researched and educated themselves in these areas. May have some previous experience providing professional services to individuals with these interests."

Definition from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

“I’m really not a big therapy person, but Gina made it easy to talk to her without judging us and her help really got us thinking bigger about what we need in life and from each other.”
— Adam & Cassandra, Beaverton, OR
poly coach | polyamory coach | open relationship coach | open relationships counseling | nonmonogamy coach

I've been writing about sex positivity n relationships for a long time.  Click the images below to read a few of my articles.

“I thought I would lose my mind when he first brought up opening our marriage. I thought he just wanted to leave. I couldn’t see any way we would make it work. Gina helped us figure out a plan that works for both of us.”
— Chris & Kelly, Bali, Indonesia

polyamory coach | open relationship coach | open relationship therapist | open marriage coach | open marriage counseling


  • Use a sex-positive framework and vast knowledge of healthy sexuality to support your relationship

  • Understand the unique dynamics and issues that arise for sex-positive couples (based both in lived and professional experience)

  • Use a strengths-based approach to help you grow in a positive direction

  • Develop an individualized plan to change the way you do relationships

  • Help you listen, build trust, negotiate and communicate effectively with yourself and those you love

  • Keep momentum and hope alive - even if it's hard for you to feel hopeful


  • Sit and nod - instead, we'll take action (I've been described as "direct and not-coddling")

  • Add shame or judgment to your experience (there's already too much of that in the world)

  • Deem your kink, fetish, desire or fantasy wrong, abnormal, or unhealthy (so long as you only enact fantasies with consenting adults or on your own)Assume your queer experience is the same as my own

  • Pathologize you (I don't treat mental illness, so you won't receive a diagnosis, assessment or treatment for mental health conditions or substance use)

  • Support couples who are actively violent with one another- your safety needs to come first, then our work together can begin

“After seven years we stopped sleeping together and didn’t really know why. I know it seems so obvious, but Gina got us to talk about sex like, really talk about it with each other. I know it sounds cheesy but now it’s like we have soul-sex.”
— Vanessa & Soren, Atlanta Georgia

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What is a sex-positive provider?

Not all my clients engage in sex-positive community, or sexual play but for some of my clients it is especially important to know I have ten years expertise in working with clients from BDSM, fetish, and other kink scenes.  

This is important because there are a lot of well-intended professionals who will tell you they are sex-positive, but just having a sex-positive philosophy isn't enough- if you work with me you have someone with the philosophy, the skills, and the knowledge.

What if we're new to BDSM, kink, and/or don't know where to begin?

I work with a lot of clients who are just beginning to get creative and explore their sexuality.  Some of them just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey, and others have held secret fantasies for years and are just now opening up to their partner.  

I'll meet with you to help you determine an integrity-based path that supports your physical and emotional health as well as your desires.

What if only one of us is kinky?

Many couples choose to work with me when one partner is interested in kink and the other is not.  Let me help you figure out a path that is right for both of you.  

It can be helpful to work with a knowledgeable and non-judgmental professional to discuss and negotiate new sexual territory.

Do you work with sex-workers?

Yup.  If you want to know more about how I can support you in maintaining your work/life balance schedule a consultation so we can chat.

Are you kinky?

I think most people have some creative desires, and I am certainly a creative person but I won't share my specific desires or sexual activities with you because the focus of our work is on you- not me.

Do you work with vanilla couples too?

Absolutely!  Even clients who follow more traditional sexual and sensual practices often find comfort knowing this is a specialty of mine.  

These clients love working with me because I apply the same open non-judgmental approach to my work with all couples- no matter how kinky.  

“What’s gotten clearer is that if we’re strong as a couple, we’re fine opening things up, even with less boundaries than we originally thought.”
— Mary & Eric, Orcas Island, Washington

portland sex therapist sexuality counselor sex-positive couples therapy

I've referred to the following books numerous times in my sex counseling work with clients.  Click the image to order your own copy.  

Read something great?  I'm always looking for suggestions. Send your book recommendations to