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Trust is critical in healthy relationships and while most of us understand the big ways we can break trust- few of us know how to really build it so it lasts.

Three times each year I offer an in-depth trust assessment and growth package for couples and singles to flush out trust issues in your intimate partnerships and create stronger communication skills for trustworthiness.

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We started seeing Gina because we tried opening out relationship and it was a disaster. She saved our marriage.
— Courtney, Portland, OR
I’m leaving our session understanding him so much better.
And I finally (after six years) feel understood.
— Clara & Sean, London, U.K.
foundations of trust in relationships

Over the last twelve years supporting couples through affair-repair, lasting love, premarital commitments, and creating consensually non-monogamous partnerships I’ve spent a lot of time learning the science of trust.

I’ve now held over 5000 client session hours helping people learn the necessary skills to nourish thriving trustworthy relationships.

This program is designed to help you nourish the trust you have, repair trust that’s eroded or broken, and learn skills to grow trust as you move forward.

In this program we assess your strengths in each of the areas below, and the deep-dive into skill building to help you reinforce trust moving forward.



HISTORY - how does my personal history inform my ability to trust others?

All too often our current struggles with trust are based in our past experiences in our family, at work, and in intimate partnerships with communication, conflict, vulnerability and reliability.

This section creates critical self-awareness about your personal history’s impact on trust in your current relationships (and what to do about it).

SAFETY - how do we create and reinforce a sense of physical and emotional safety?

Okay, there are some situations where it simply is not safe to trust and be vulnerable - but it can be hard to identify the difference. In this section we’ll assess the safety available to you and between you.

BOUNDARIES - how can we set and respect each other's boundaries clearly?

Boundaries are just as much about asking for what you need as they are about saying no to what you don’t. In this lesson we’ll focus on both aspects as well as how to reinforce trust by respecting the boundaries of others.

RELIABILITY & INTEGRITY - how can we trust each other to follow through on agreements & commitments?

Trustworthiness is built and eroded in the smallest of moments in relationships. In this section we look at how you’ve contributed to trust in the tiniest of ways and when you can start doing now to rebuild it.

ACCOUNTABILITY - how do we hold each other accountable, apologize effectively, and resolve conflicts with care?

Non-shaming conflict resolution skills that work to fortify trust in lasting relationships

NON-JUDGMENT - how can we support each even when making mistakes and openly give and receive help?

Releasing resentment internally and with others nourishes trustworthy relationships. Learn to release yourself and others from the judgment, criticism, contempt and resentment keeping you distant.

GOODWILL - how do we give each other the benefit of the doubt even when things are hard?

Laying a foundation of generous trust with yourself and those you love is a critical element to successfully navigating conflict in long-term relationships. Here’s what to do when it’s missing.

trust in relationships | trust and communication

Most people can use a little trust tune-up every once in a while, even if they don’t need ongoing relationship coaching. I developed this short-term drop-in option to help folks focus purely on trustworthy communication and intimate connection every once in a while to proactively support their relationship’s growth.

This program is for you if…

  • you want to invest in your relationship’s overall wellness- before problems start

  • you’re thinking about making a commitment (marriage, kids, house) to someone

  • you’ve been told you have “trust issues” by someone you respect

  • you want to clear prior relationship baggage out before moving forward with someone new

  • you’ve been through infidelity, cheating, or an affair

  • you keep feeling suspicious of your partner - even if there’s no real reason for it

  • you’ve been told you’re too jealous, insecure, or needy

  • you have trouble with boundaries or reliability in your relationship

  • you just want to feel closer and more supported in your intimate relationships

relationship problems | trust issues | couples communication

Both the singles and the couples package follow the following format:

  • An all-inclusive seven-part self-assessment of the pillars of trust in relationship including:

    • HISTORY - understanding how your personal history impacts trust in your current relationships

    • SAFETY - creating a secure container for trust in your partnerships

    • BOUNDARIES - asking for what you need, and limiting challenges in your relationships

    • RELIABILITY & INTEGRITY - follow through and trustworthiness in the smallest of moments

    • ACCOUNTABILITY - non-shaming conflict resolution skills that work to fortify trust in lasting relationships

    • NON-JUDGMENT - releasing resentment internally and with others to nourish trustworthy relationships

    • GOODWILL - laying a foundation of generous trust with yourself and those you love

  • An eight-part e-course outlining communication skills in each area to help you grow. You’ll have access to this for life- so you can return to it whenever you wish.

  • A comprehensive review of your unique strengths and areas for growth with regard to trust in relationships.

  • An in-depth coaching session to encourage your growth, personalize the material and fine-tune your skills around trust in relationships.

  • Access to my entire 1000+ page couples and relationship resource library to continue your relationship growth.

Thank you Gina, now I feel ready to get back in the dating pool after my messy history without worrying about a trust trainwreck like last time.”
— Justine, Naperville, IL
Gina, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. We wouldn’t have made it through this year without you.
— Katia & Davis, Chicago, IL
Now I trust we’ll end up fine. Even through really big hurts, I know we have a strong enough base to make it out fine.
We’ll be fine.
— Damien & Rachel, Portland OR
trust issues | trust in relationships

This program is open by invitation only and I only open a few spaces with each registration (so I can give you extra attention).

“The Trust-Tune-Up was such an easy way for us to uncover the issues holding us back from deeper communication. It was so easy to do it at home and share with each other and then meet with Gina to reconnect.
I’m so glad this was our pre-marital counseling decision!”
— Mara & Chad, Middleton WI
trust in relationship | trust issues | insecurity


These programs are available by invitation only. Register here to be invited.


Here you go!


Each in-depth assessment takes 20-30 minutes, I recommend setting aside time to reflect and review the material as you complete the assessments to get the most out of the experience.


Each video is around 30 minutes long. You’ll receive a short workbook for personal reflection with every video to help implement the skills we cover. Again, I recommend setting aside fully-present time to get the most out of this learning process.


All the coaching sessions are held online using Zoom meeting so we can see and hear each other. These are scheduled within 30 days of your completion of the course materials and within 90 days of your initial registration.


The singles program costs $249 for all seven assessments, videos, workbooks, courses, coaching session and bonuses.

The couples program costs $399 for all seven assessments, videos, workbooks, courses, coaching session and bonuses.


I ask folks to be sure they want to do this in-depth personal reflection when they register, so once you have paid there are no refunds, sorry.